Happy children mean happy parents. See what our parents have to say about us.

“My Daughter attended Little Rascals Nursery for two years. From the moment she arrived at 11 months old they took great care of her, nurturing her through each stage as she transitioned from the baby room to the toddler room and providing her with the confidence to go on to pre-prep.

The facilities are great, with a vast range of toys and fab garden area that they use come rain or shine. All the carers do really care and our daughter built up such a strong bond with her key person and would be excited to go in and see her and tell her about her weekend.

The games and crafts are so imaginative and Little Rascals is constantly thinking of new ways to entertain and teach the children through different forms of play.

Our daughter has learnt so much from Little Rascals and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to any parents looking for a nursery in Tunbridge Wells.”

Helen - Little Rascals Nursery Mummy

“I now have 2 children at this wonderful nursery!  I have recommended Little Rascals to close friends and family – who are also there. I also recommend to anyone I meet and asks me about childcare.

Not only do I know my children are safe and looked after but I also know – and trust – that the staff here all care about the individual characters of my one and three year old – openly enjoying their sense of humour, cheekiness and development.

I trust I will be told if there is a concern just as much as I trust they will follow teaching plans, my own specific instructions and those of the child (as they get more and more bossy!).

The staff and management of the nursery couldn’t be more helpful with additional days, changes to details or questions about funding.
Most importantly though, when I ask my daughter, she tells me she loves going to preschool. And I have tears from my son when I pick him up!”

Louise Smith

“I could not recommend this nursery more highly. The level of care and attention given to the children is excellent. All of the staff are friendly and fun – I felt that they genuinely cared about the children rather than it being a job for them.
The activities that are put on for the children are fantastic and wide ranging and not the sort of things you’d normally do at home. My daughter loved her 2 years at Little Rascals and has grown in confidence as a result.”

Alice A

“Two of our children have now attended Little Rascals and it is an excellent setting. We love the weekly and termly themes that they apply, as we can support the learning at home. Our 3-year-old came home one time and told us that he understood photosynthesis and promptly explained it to us! Another time he was so inspired by the Greek Mythology theme and the Medusa hat he’d made, that we had to go to the library to find more books on Greek Mythology so we could read about it at home. This love of learning and encouraging curiosity is a real strength of Little Rascals and we would highly recommend it to anyone considering sending their child there.”

Laura, Mum of child in Pre-Toddler Room

“We have been consistently impressed with the outstanding care and teaching he has had ever since Toddlers when he joined Little Rascals.”

“My daughter loves Little Rascals and she has really grown and blossomed since attending.”

Stephanie, Mum of Scarlett in Toddler Room

“Little Rascals from the start has been such a special place for my daughter.  I was recommended them by a friend and was so relieved and excited when she got a place.  I instantly felt reassured leaving her and never worry about her being there even from a young age. It can be very daunting in the first few weeks but they were a huge support to not only her but me too!

Now she absolutely loves it, our family all love the team – it feels like a little family. The managers are supportive with any queries and the work the key worker put into her report was outstanding.  It was like a lovely memory book of her time which we’ll keep forever.
I’m actually dreading the day it’s time for her to move on. Wonderful team behind it and high recommend it.”

Fiona Silvester

“My child loves his time at Nursery. I always feel confident and reassured that he is receiving the best possible care throughout the day. My child is always naming the staff and children in the setting and is always excited to come to Nursery in the morning.”

“Often he doesn’t want to leave and will carry on playing for ages until I drag him out!!”

“I really like that the Toddler room puts Birthday posters up for children on their birthday and also a book as a present!”